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Pool Troubleshooting

Knowledge of electrical applications is required for trouble shooting. Contact a certified electrician if you are unsure of your ability to service the equipment.

Improper servicing will void the Ozone generators warranty. If any problems persist, call UltraPure Water Quality for further technical assistance.


Pump is overly noisy or loses prime while running


A small amount of noise can be expected since air is being drawn into the pump and works its way through the filter and pipes. Problems are solved by using one or more of the following alternatives; moving the injection point “up stream” from the pump; and/or reducing the airflow; and/or increasing the water flow.


·        Plug the 3/8” tubing (unit end) with the pump running and check for a suction side plumbing leak.

·        Install the suction side injection point in the plumbing upstream before the pump.

·        Reduce air draw by turning the Dial Flowmeter clockwise


Air “Blow Back” Through the skimmer line(s)

An air build up in the filter will cause this. When the pump shuts off, air expands and seeks “the path of least resistance” to escape. This path is usually through the skimmer line. This problem is solved by completely removing air from the filter while the pump is running or by stopping air from backing up through the suction (skimmer) line(s).


·        Extend or install the internal air bleed line inside the filter. By ensuring this internal air bleed line is as close to the top of the filter as possible, air readily escapes as the pump runs.


·        Where the External Safety Air Bleed Kit (ESABK) is installed, ensure that it is actually releasing the air being introduced into the filter. The pressure gauge port of the manual air bleed port will work well on most filters. In some instances, the air bleed(s) inside the filter must be drilled out larger. To check that our ESABK is letting air out of the filter shut off the pump; disconnect the black tubing at the filter; hold your thumb over the tubing end (to close it off); start the pump and see that air (and some water) is coming out of the compression fitting at the tee. Once you have a good air bleed, shut off the pump and reconnect the tubing.


Pump loses prime or has trouble “catching prime” after it has been shut off

This problem is limited to retrofit installations. It is caused by wither a suction side air leak; a filter (multi-port) air leak; or air in the filter partially blowing back past the pump. In any case, the pump has an “air lock”.


·        Install a 2 lb. or 1 lb. water line check valve just below (on the suction side) of the pump.

·        Repair or replace the multi-port valve gasket.

·        To help diagnose a plumbing air leak problem, plug the “unit end” of the black tubing to see if the problem ceases. 

·        Where the pump has a “lift” more than 3 to 4 feet, order a stronger (than 1 1/2lb.) spring loaded check valve from UltraPure Water Quality Inc. A 3 lb. or 6 lb. spring loaded check valve may be required.


The ball in the Flowmeter stops floating

A small amount of condensation may become apparent inside the Dial Flowmeter. This may cause the ball to temporally stick in the Flowmeter. This is normal and does not indicate any malfunction of the Flowmeter. To verify correct function of the Flowmeter you can visually check the pump basket or pool returns for air bubbles.


The bubble mist stops coming back into the pool

Our suction side installation method requires a portion of the pump’s power. Anything affecting the pump’s performance affects our air draw.


·        Under normal running conditions, back washing/cleaning the filter restores the “bubble mist”.

·        Increase the air draw by adjusting the Dial Flowmeter

·        Replacing a worn out pump may be necessary


Lamps are off


NOTE: The 1/4" NPT x 3/8" Kynar compression elbow lights up blue/green when your unit is working. Once you are sure there is power to the unit (i.e. pump running) contact a pool dealer or Service Company to repair the unit. Your UltraPure™ Automatic Water Cleaner™ is designed with field serviceability in mind. Troubleshooting and repair is made very easy as there are only two (2) internal components which might need to be replaced - the lamp(s) or the ballast/transformer(s).


·        An aluminum plate is located inside your UltraPure™ Automatic Water Cleaner™. To access internal components, remove the screws on the wire/cord end plate and loosen the screws on the other end plate. Then slide out the center plate.

·        On one side of the center plate, the UV bulb(s) are mounted in stainless steel lamp holders. Remove burnt out lamp(s) and pop in the new one(s). On the other side of the center plate, are the transformer(s) or ballast and electrics. When replacement is necessary, simply remove the screws/bolts and replace the transformer(s) or ballast. Wire nut connectors must be removed and then replaced to change the lamp(s) or ballast/transformer(s).


There is a build up of combined Chlorine (or Bromine) 

NOTE: The Automatic Water Cleaner's primary job is to remove the compounds which form combined chlorine compounds. If combines (Total Chlorine - Free Available Chlorine) rise above 0.5 ppm, there is a problem.


·        Ensure your UltraPure™ Automatic Water Cleaner™ is functioning properly by checking that the lamps are on when the pump is running; that there is an air draw through the unit; and that there is a fine 'bubble mist' entering the pool.

·        Temporarily, increase the run time of the unit until the water conditions improve.

·        Shock or super chlorinate the pool.



When the outside temperature falls below 50F (10C), the Ultra Violet Lamp(s) in your UltraPure Ozone Generator may have difficulty starting. The quartz Ozone producing lamp have mercury vapor inside and the cold temperature causes the mercury to condense and make the lamp(s) more difficult to start. This occurs in all Ultra Violet Ozone generators.


Warranty should be claimed through your dealer. If warranty cannot be handled through your dealer, please obtain a Authorization number or Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number, which allows you to have a service call from a local Authorized Service dealer (ASD) or send your unit to a local warranty repair station. Authorization numbers or RGA numbers can be obtained by calling 877 281-7603. Replacement or spare parts must be purchased through your dealer. 

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