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There is no replacement for Chlorine/Bromine in spa water disinfection. Before any alternative treatment/sanitizer can replace Chlorine/Bromine, it must provide a stable measurable residual; be a biocide that kills viruses, bacteria and algae; and oxidize impurities introduced by bathers. Chlorine/Bromine is the only sanitizer that fulfills these three functions. However, Chlorine/Bromine is not the best oxidizer. Incomplete oxidation accounts for up to 90% of their usage and 100% of their problems.

The UltraPure™ Automatic Water Cleaner™ produces the strongest oxidizer available (ozone). The UltraPure™ does the oxidation work normally attempted by Chlorine/Bromine. Obnoxious combined Chlorine/Bromine compounds are eliminated. Chlorine/Bromine then only provides a "free available" residual. All problems and wasted chemicals associated with combined Chlorine/Bromine are eliminated

ozone generators for spas

spa Unit models


Spa Size: 350 - 600 gallons

Available in 120V or 240V (1 amp)

Size: 10" x 4" x 3"

Weight: 2 pounds

Ozone Output: 28 mg/hr

Warranty: 1 year parts


Spa Size: 350 - 800 gallons

Universal Voltage (100 - 277V, 1 amp)

Size: 10" x 4" x 3"

Weight: 3 pounds

Ozone Output: 35 mg/hr

Warranty: 3 year parts

Spa Installation

Spa Installation Options


Most spa manufacturers sell their spas Ozone ready from the factory. This means your spa manufacturer has done most of the work for you. When connecting any UltraPure Automatic Water Cleaners under the spa cabinet, form the ¼” Ozone tubing into a high double Hartford loop. This is to help prevent water from reaching the ozonator in the event of check valve failure.


Ozone Ready Spas


Locate the end of the factory installed Ozone ready tubing under the spa cabinet skirt. Insert the ¼” Check Valve into the factory installed tubing coming from the spa. Attach the other end of the check valve to the spa’s Ozone tubing. Attach the remaining end of the ¼” Ozone tubing to the barbed fitting on your UltraPure ozonator.


Spas Not Ozone Ready


There are a number of other ways to inject Ozone into a portable spa which is not Ozone ready from the factory. The most common is by using an Ozone Venturi injector (available for purchase separately). The injector creates a slight vacuum, drawing Ozone gas from the Ozonator, and mixing it with water. Our Venturi’s are versatile and can be plumbed using ¾” or ½” PVC Pipe.

There are three orifice sizes available: 7/32” (small), 17/64” (medium) and 19/64” (large) complete with an arrow to indicate water flow direction.


We have designed an in-house testing facility to gauge flow rates under different conditions. This allows you to choose the best injector for your system. We have found controlling the airflow (using a threaded rod) to be superior to controlling the water flow.


The UltraPure™ Automatic Water Cleaner™ is installed on a spa where it treats the spa water (only) when the circulation system is operating on low speed. The longer your spa circulation system runs on low speed (filtration and heating) cycle the more work the ozonator will do. With heavy use, a longer cycle may be required. It is recommended that you run your spa four to six hours per day on low speed.

Spa Ozone Detection Kits


Our Research and Development (R & D) and thirty-five years of experience and testing of Ozone output from residential spa Ozone generators, running six hours per day, indicates that:

1) Corona Discharge (CD) units produce Ozone for six months

2) Ultra Violet (UV) units produce sufficient Ozone to treat spa water for two to three years

3) Electronic UV units last four plus years.


Field tests have verified these findings.


A spa’s life expectancy is approximately ten years. This means each spa requires at least three or four new/refurbished Ozone generators during its life span.

Many homeowners often “overlook” the functioning and purpose of the Ozone generator.

Until now, there was not a method to show the spa owner that it is time to renew their Ozone generator, even if it appears to be running.


We are now offering an affordable Spa Ozone Detection kit. These kits indicate if there is Ozone present in the output stream from the Ozone generator. These kits do not quantify (measure the amount of) the Ozone present. The speed and extent of the indicator material ‘bleaching’, from blue to white, gives us a tool to say if a spa unit is producing an effective level of Ozone.

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