Spa Troubleshooting



Knowledge of electrical applications is required for trouble shooting. Contact a certified electrician if you are unsure of your ability to service the equipment.
Improper servicing will void the Ozone generators warranty. If any problems persist, call UltraPure Water Quality for further technical assistance.
Blue light is not seen through the air hole.
Check the cord connection and power to the source to ensure power is available. When the UltraPure Automatic Water Cleaner is plugged directly into the pack, the pump system must be running at low speed to provide power to a receptacle.
 If the lamp has been off and the air temperature is cold, allow for additional time to light or warm to room temperature.
 If the unit will not ‘come on’, call your dealer or UltraPure Water Quality Inc. for repair and/or warranty replacement.
The ¼” clear tubing has water inside.
Ensure that air will only pass in one direction through the check valve (from flat side to the round, printed side).
                    Disconnect the tubing and ensure that the check valve is good.
Blow water out of the tubing and ensure there is a double loop (Hartford-loop) somewhere in the tubing before it reaches the unit.
No suction is being felt from the tubing.
       Check for a bubble mist entering the spa water at the jets. Be sure the filter is clean.
               Check for water in the ¼” clear tubing. 
Remove and inspect, clean and/or replace.
When the outside temperature falls below 50F (10C), the Ultra Violet Lamp(s) in your UltraPure Ozone Generator may have difficulty starting. The quartz Ozone producing lamp have mercury vapor inside and the cold temperature causes the mercury to condense and make the lamp(s) more difficult to start. This occurs in all Ultra Violet Ozone generators.

Warranty should be claimed through your dealer. If warranty cannot be handled through your dealer, please obtain a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number, which allows you to send your unit to a local warranty repair station. RGA numbers can be obtained by calling 877 281-7603. Replacement or spare parts must be purchased through your dealer.