Pool Installation

UltraPure™ Automatic Water Cleaners™ are best mounted horizontally, with the label oriented correctly. UltraPure™ Automatic Water Cleaners™ are for use under suction only. Each UltraPure™ Automatic Water Cleaner™ comes equipped with a Dial Flowmeter Suction Side Parts Package (DFSSPP) or Valveless Suction Side Parts Package (VSSPP) for installation.

An External Safety Air Bleed Kit (ESABK) comes with every in ground unit. This kit allows air drawn in on the suction side of the pump to be taken off the top of the filter and injected into the water return line at a desired point. This kit is necessary when: the filter is old and does not have an internal bleed; there is a solar system on the pool; there is a pressure side cleaner; or with a booster pump.


There are two ways that your UltraPure™ Automatic Water Cleaner™ can be plumbed into your system.

Retrofit Installation into the Strainer Basket Drain Plug (Hair and Lint Trap):

Remove the drain plug and screw in (hand tighten) our 1 1/2 lb. Compression Check Valve; apply Teflon tape on the check valve for a secure fit. The straight compression fitting and reducing coupling is not required for this method. Connect the 3/8” OD Blacking Tubing to the compression check valve and run the tubing back to the UltraPure™ Automatic Water Cleaner™.


Builder Standpipe Installation (Pre-installed ¾” Pipe):

When the pool is being built or during renovation work, it can be made (Ozone) ready. With this installation, a suction side standpipe runs from below water level on a suction line, back to a convenient location on the equipment pad. This will stop air from entering the pump. Since the ¾” line originates from below water level, there is no possibility of losing prime because there is a water lock below grade. The 1 1/2 lb. Compression Check Valve is NOT required and should NOT be used with this method.

Pool Installation Diagram.pdf

Setting The Airflow:


Using the Dial Flowmeter, the airflow is set by simply adjusting the dial on the gauge until the float is in the green region. Make sure that the Dial Flowmeter is in a straight vertical position. Turn the dial all the way to the right (clockwise) to close it. The flow can be set and re-adjusted with ease. No special parts, tools or procedures are required.

A small amount of condensation may become apparent inside the Dial Flowmeter. This may cause the ball to temporally stick in the flowmeter. This is normal and does not indicate any malfunction of the flowmeter. To verify an Ozone draw, you can visually check the pump basket or pool returns for air bubbles.


HPDE Threaded Rod (AFCI)

The airflow is adjusted by moving the HPDE Threaded Rod (AFCI) in for less airflow and out for more airflow. Check the airflow by using a Start Up Flowmeter (purchased separately 1008077) Once the desired airflow is achieved, cut the excess AFCI off and discard it. Push the remaining portion of the AFCI, 2” to 3” into the tubing and re-check the airflow.


Do not exceed the maximum air draw for the unit size see Pump size and Air Draw chart.