Warranty Registration Form

Please take a moment to register your Ozone generator's warranty via our convenient online form. Please consult your owner's manual for further details on your pool/spa's warranty.

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Terms and Conditions of Warranty

1. To validate this warranty, the 'Registration of Purchase' form should be completed and submitted within 30 days of installation.

2. UltraPure Water Quality Inc. warrants that the UltraPure Ozone Generators and all components are free from defect in material and workmanship from the date of delivery to the first owner. This warranty is not transferable.

UPP Models:
Two Year conditional warranty. The first year warranty covers parts and labor. The second year is parts only.

UPAG Models:
One Year parts only.

UPS Models:
One Year full replacement.

EUV Models:
Three Year conditional warranty. The first two years are full replacement; the third year is parts only.

3. To make a warranty claim you must:

a. Call 877 281-7603 and obtain an RGA (Return Goods Authorization) number. No claim will be accepted without an RGA number.

i. UltraPure Water Quality Inc.(UWQ) will send out a local area authorized warranty/field service representative (in applicable areas).


ii. If no authorized warranty/field service representative is in the area, the manufactured goods in need of service should be shipped (with RGA) to the address on the RGA form, freight pre-paid. Any returned item deemed faulty due to manufacturer defect will be repaired or replaced and shipped back to the customer at no charge to the customer.

c. The owner of the UWQ goods may be responsible for all expenses if the field serviced (i) or returned item (ii) is deemed operational, or not under warranty. Non-warranty goods will be shipped back to the customer at customer's expense.

4. This warranty supersedes any previously printed or issued warranty

5. Warranty will be void if manufacturers installation instructions are not followed

6. Warranty will be void unless our factory-approved parts are used and properly installed by an authorized representative according to UWQ recommendations contained in the instruction manual.

7. Warranty does not extend to parts misused, improper installation, mishandling, neglect, accident, damage, flood, fire or other causes beyond the control of the manufacturer. The warranty does not extend to consequential damage.